5 exercises for voice

Philip Nicol Mel, the French professor of vocals, teaches the singing of amateurs and professionals. He offers several simple exercises that will help change his voice for the better.

We often do not like how the voice sounds in the recording, or during public performances when we are nervous. The French professor of vocals Philip Nicol Mel has been helping singers and ordinary people to learn how to manage their voice. He shared with us simple exercises that can be performed at home daily. According to Mel, after a week of practice you will notice the first results.

So what to do if your voice.

… does not look like you

Make a “shell” from your left palm and attach it to your left ear – it will be a headphone. Bring the right to your mouth – it will become a microphone. Make a sample as a sound engineer: consider loudly, pronounce different words, playing with sound. Do this exercise daily for 5-10 minutes for 9 days. Realizing how others hear your voice, you can improve its sound.

… “gets stuck” in the throat

Do the face. The goal is to free the throat, transferring the main work to the lips and the diaphragm. Say the syllables “Kew-X”: on the “Kew” lips are rounded, and “X” is pronounced with a wide smile. Repeat the exercise 30 times, and then make a small speech to make sure of its benefits. During performances, the vocal cords will be less tired, and the muscles of the mouth will be easier to perform the command sent by the brain.

… does not sound

5-10 minutes a day, read some text loudly, but without consonant sounds. So, the phrase “Five exercises to love your voice” will sound like “I-oh-oh-oh-o-o-y-and-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. Consonants act as a springboard, forcing vowels to vibrate. Reread the same passage of the text, this time minting consonants. The voice will gain the intensity of vibration and sound, while you will not be tired, but you will understand you better.

… too quiet

Put your hands on a solar plexus. Remember something that angered you very much. Say any text, pressing your hands to your stomach and trying to make sounds come from the navel area. Release anger, clearly pronouncing consonants and wide opening your mouth. Try to more often express your emotions in this way – sadness, anger, joy. The voice will become rich, less official, more sincere.


Standing barefoot, breathing calmly, pouting the stomach at every breath. Slowly transfer the emphasis of the foot from the heel to the toe and back. Continue with your eyes closed. If your energy is too concentrated in the head area, you will lose balance. Stop controling yourself and focus on the feet. This exercise will help you better distribute energy. You better “get used to” in your body, and the timbre of the voice will become richer.

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